Saturday, 24 January 2015

#tieyoga – Day 8

So, it’s been just over a week since I started working on my #LearningProject for EDCI 569, #tieyoga (yoga online) with the goal of practicing 5 times per week.  In terms of frequency, I’m pretty much there. My motivation is extremely low, however, and most days it’s like a cloud that hangs over my head and when I go to practice, it’s often done begrudgingly.
Border Collie Lex loves yoga.
  • While I have set some goals (improving flexibility and practicing 5 times weekly), I believe my goals need word.  Aside from the frequency of practice, I don’t have any truly measurable outcomes.  As well, I haven’t made a commitment to my method of tracking and reporting on progress.  Basically, I’m lacking an assessment plan.
  • Practicing yoga in the middle of the day, in a busy household that has no available “yoga space” is not relaxing. The dogs, the kids bickering, my husband grinding coffee, someone playing loud music or loud…something…almost continuously throughout my 30 minute session somehow impacts the level of relaxation achieved and negatively impacts my motivation.
  • Finding the time, even though it isn't a huge time commitment, and ensuring that time slot coincides with those minutes in the day when I don’t feel exhausted…this is a challenge too, one which, again, impacts motivation.

  •          Some days I practice yoga and I would have done nothing active otherwise
  •          I’m getting some coursework completed every time I practice
  •          I’m always glad I did it…okay, I never regret doing it.
  •          My physical flexibility is showing minor signs of improving

Strategies for improving the success of my online yoga practice:
1    1.  Make an assessment plan
a.       Tracking Progress
                                                               i.      Choose a pose from each target area (forward bends, back of the legs, hips, back bends, for example) and take before, during and after pics to track progress (improved flexibility)
                                                             ii.      Video footage of my practice
                                                            iii.      Each day reflect on the session (just jot down a couple of notes, how I felt, what I noticed, etc)
                                                           iv.      Blog a minimum of once weekly
b.      Record “practice” sessions using fitbit device
c.       Reflect, anecdotal ly,  on my “online learning”
                                                               i.      Using videos, pictures, reflections to record a brief comment following each practice session
      2. Try the other yoga site, Do Yoga With Me and continue to explore other sites through #yoga on Twitter.  Thus far, I've really only explored the paid site, My Yoga Online
      3. Force myself to stick to a scheduled time, when the house is quiet, or quieter; create a #tieyoga schedule, and FOLLOW IT.
      4.   Recruit a yoga buddy or buddies; my husband has said he will practice with me and I’m sure I could get one of my kids to join in an evening session. Misery loves company. Lol, kidding, I’m not miserable.
      5. Set up a #tieyoga space, even if it’s “portable” or temporary in nature, to ensure I have a location in the house that isn't high traffic and to allow my mind and body to make a mental association between the space and the activity.

This sounds like a solid plan, improved from my first blind leap into my #LearningProject on January 14th. Here are some pics, taken today (Jan 24th), of my postures in these early days of online #tieyoga practice.

Funny how when I'm in the posture, I think I've gone so much deeper than this. Must be the lighting.

Looking forward to more flexibility as it comes.

Watch for #tieyoga updates!

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