Wednesday, 8 April 2015

"I'm All Over the Map" - My Summary of Learning for EDCI 569: In Pursuit of Joyful Discomfort

         As our EDCI 569 course, The Distributed, Blended, & Open Classroom, comes to an end and I looked back as I attempted to summarize my learning, I was (yet again) overwhelmed. With each guest speaker and every key word that surfaced, it seemed as though I could make endless connections. Overwhelm was a theme for me throughout this course. Trying to sort the various half-thoughts and bits of pieces floating through my brain was beyond challenging, but somehow, I managed. I have to thank Alec Couros for providing us with such an amazingly rich experience and my cohort for always somehow being able to bump me back onto the "right" path, or at least the path that made the writing, creating and sharing just that much easier.
         I chose to use Prezi as my tool of choice for this Summary of Learning.  It's my first go at Prezi; I felt I needed to use it as I was beginning to feel almost hypocritical for the number of times I have nudged students and my own children towards it. I've frequently seen it used to create impressive visual presentations, so I figured that was a plus as well.           This particular template, implying a world-map of sorts, was particularly fitting for me because I have felt like my thinking has been, indeed, all over the map.  I've reached the point that I have to stop editing--enough is enough--because each time I look at it, I make another connection or realize something else I have learned.  I don't expect anyone to click on every link or view every video; linger where you like, and zoom on through where you need to (just click on the link).

         My Summary of Learning Prezi

A post-script addition:
Here is the video I created as something to include in my prezi; it was the 11th hour and just when I thought I had finished, Youtube indicated there was an error. I thought I had lost it, so I abandoned it altogether, only to discover it in my youtube account this morning. Go figure!

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