Monday, 6 April 2015

#tieyoga #LearningProject Summarized

         A vlog post to summarize my #tieyoga #LearningProject for #EDCI569. I had many insightful moments in my yoga practice these last few months and benefitted from increased flexibility that extended beyond my hamstrings and hips. The learning connections were, for me, overwhelming at times, as I realized the potential impact community can have on a learner.  

         On a positive note, I succeeded in uploading iMovie from my iPad to Youtube this time around. My first vlogging attempt saw me having to jump from iMovie over to Explain Everything due to (my own) learning obstacles. I'm proud of my willingness to tackle iMovie again and gave a little mental shout-out to myself after successfully uploading it to Youtube.  Sometimes we are so deeply immersed in a perceived challenge that we are unable to see the simple solution, as was the case for me with that first vlogging effort!

         I'm still working on saying less with more, so apologies for the length of the video. It's a skill that is far reaching for me and my progress is, apparently, slow, but I hope to get there sooner than later.  In the meantime, thanks for your patience and ongoing encouragement. 

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