Sunday, 5 April 2015

Measuring Up My #tieyoga Practice Sites

         I've attempted a "different" way of blogging this go around. Thanks to Christopher Lister for being the first in our #tiegrad cohort to post using Thinglink; overall I'm happy with my experience using this new-to-me tool. I worked very hard to try to find a way to embed my soundcloud audio clips so that if you clicked on one it would just play, rather than take you to the soundcloud site. Needless to say I was not successful with this. If this is indeed achievable, and someone does know how to make that work, I'd love to hear from you!

         Otherwise, these Piktochart visuals offer up a summary of my assessment of my various online yoga resources. Please don't feel the need to listen to every single link (unless you're considering taking up yoga online!), but pick and choose to get the gist of what I liked or didn't like about my online yoga sites.


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